Brighton and Hove Housing Coalition (Facebook page) (Mailing address)


General information for all
Housing and Local Political News From Brighton and Hove
Brighton People's Assembly(Mailing address)
Love Activists Brighton (Mailing address)
Love Activists Brighton Facebook page

Tenants and leaseholders
Facebook page for Justice for Tenants (Mailing address)
Council website for posting comments for tenants and leaseholders
Brighton and Hove City Council major works discussion group (Mailing address)
Facebook page for Leaseholders (Mailing address)
Email Barry Hughes Joint Chairman Central Resident Only Meeting
Chairman Sylvan Hall Residents’ Association
Leaseholder and tenants repairs and maintenance survey (still open) and results so far

For the homeless and vulnerably housed people in Brighton
Homelessness: directory of local resources for homeless and vulnerably housed people in Brighton (Mailing address)
ETHRAG Facebook page (Mailing address)
Invisible Voices of Brighton & Hove (Mailing address)
No fixed abode residents association (Mailing address)
Purple People Kitchen & Foodbank & Sussex Economic Support (Mailing address)
    OpsafeWinter Brighton Facebook group
    Brighton You Garden Day (Mailing address)
brighton community nightshelter

Community led housing
Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust (Mailing address)
Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust Facebook page
Cooperative Housing in Brighton and Hove (Mailing address)
Brighton and Hove pensioners group mailing address

Mutual aid in Sussex
The MAIS network (Mailing address) facilitates mutual aid between co-operatives, other types of social enterprise, small ethical business, community groups, and other like-minded people, by providing a free platform where mutual aid and support can be more easily achieved through face-to-face meet-ups and online conversations. We also organise events about co-operative and sustainable ways of living and working.
Mutual aid in Sussex Facebook group

Bunker Self-Build Housing Co-op (Mailing address)

Young People
Preventing Inequality
Preventing Inequality Facebook page


Private Rented Sector issues - affordability, security, revenge evictions
Living Rent Brighton and Hove (Mailing address)

Statutory bodies
Council website for posting comments for tenants and leaseholders

Other groups
Good Health Projects Limited, Brighton (Mailing address)
Brighton Solfed (Mailing address)

Other useful contacts in Brighton and Hove
Justlife (Contact Justlife)
Generation Rent (Contact Generation Rent)