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Brighton and Hove City Council major works discussion group - Bristol Estate Phase II Tribunal documents

25/9Announcement of taking leaseholders to tribunal
Council and Irwin Mitchell letter 25.09.2017(File: IrwinMitchell2017.9.25.jpg)
14 December: Original directions 5 December 2017 advised to leaseholders 14 December 2017 earliest
Irwin Mitchell section 27a 2017.12.14(File:Tribunal Papers 1 15-12-17.OCR.pdf from sub-directory "Keepsakes\ClarendonEllenNot\BristolP2\I W LLP 14.12.17".)
8/3Respondent's position statement(File: POSITION STATEMENT 8.3.18.docx)Case management hearing
13/3Tribunal Directions from Case Management conference
29/3Applicant's statement of caseApplicant’s bundle
22/6Respondents' Statement of Case 22/6 2018
6/7Applicant's reply 6/7 2018
3/8Documents exchanged as Witness Statements of Fact.
30/8Simultaneous exchange of Expert witness reports.
4/9"The Applicant shall prepare the hearing bundles and send four copies to the Tribunal and one to each of the participating Respondents".
10/9"The experts are to narrow the issues and produce a statement of agreed issues and what remains in dispute".
14/9"The Applicant to supply this statement to the Tribunal and each of the participating Respondents".Added to end of the bundle.
Both20/9Thursday 16.004 copies Skeleton arguments
Venue: Mercure Hotel, 149 Kings Road, BN1 2PP(File: 20180917_175601.jpg)
✓All25/9TuesdayHearing: Wednesday cancelled.

Miscellaneous items
9/3Dave Arthur wrote to Stuart Buckley asking for any dates he couldn't make.
13/3Applicant's Case Management conference
4/5Revised Tribunal Directions 04.05.2018(File: Revised Tribunal Directions 04.05.2018(7944267_1).pdf)
15/6Further directions 15.6.2017(File: Directions.20170615.doc)
22/6Statement of our case / bundle to be indexed and pages numbered.
28/6 & 2-3/7Irwin Mitchell tried to contact SB
11/7SB responding to telephone call from Irwin Mitchell: 2 emails saying he could not do 3 August dates.
24/7Email received re Stuart Buckley not participating and difficulty fnding another surveyor.
10 surveyors refused but Tim Brown will do the job.
25/7Irwin Mitchell asking to change schedule.
25/725.07.2018 letter to JFT encl. urgent application to tribunal(File: letter to JFT encl. urgent application to tribunal 25.07.2018(8006756_1).pdf)
25/725.07.2018 Urgent application to Tribunal dated(File: Urgent application to Tribunal dated 25.07.2018(8006755_1).pdf)
27/727/7 Tribunal refuses.(File: AH01_CHI00MLLIS20170057_Mr_D_J_Croydon_20180727103257.doc)
27/7Irwin Mitchell asking for the same thing (on a Friday evening).
27/727/7 Urgent application to the tribunal [Again].(File: Urgent application to the tribunal dated 27/7 2018(8008616_1).pdf)
31/7[9.37] Response from Tribunal and no more changes will be allowed.
31/7"Judge Tildesley does not give leave to make any further application to vary the directions."
14/9Directions re skeleton arguments to be exchanged on 20/9/2018 at 16.00(File: Directions20180914.jpg)
The tribunal
31/10/201831012015 Residents face £21k bill to repair council-owned block of flats
  Councillor saying they will apply for eco funding
24/9/2018The tribunal
24/9/2018pre-Tribunal costs settlement
24/9/2018pre-Tribunal rebate settlement
1/11/2018Tribunal determination
27/9/2018A costly case against Brighton leaseholders – but tribunal undercut by settlement
27/9/2018A costly case against Brighton leaseholders – but tribunal undercut by settlement
1/10/2018 Larissa Reed - A tribunal undercut by settlement is good news – but a far less costly case would have been better
1/10/20183/10/2018 Twenty Brighton leaseholders settle repair bill row before crucial tribunal